Should I get circular or rectangular decorative wall mirrors?

When you go shopping online for decorative wall mirrors, you will notice two big differences between the various decorative mirrors available. The first big difference is in the designs themselves. The cuts and patterns along the edges of the mirror are what separate them all apart. There is no good or bad choice when it comes to the design of a mirror. You should just pick whichever design signifies your artistic style or preference.

As for the second difference, that pertains to the entire shape of the decorative mirrors. You can choose between circular or rectangular decorative wall mirrors. This might require more consideration so make sure you consider all the factors of why you need a mirror before making your choice.

If you’re only looking for a mirror to see your reflection, then you can purchase any cheap wall mirror which doesn’t have a creative design to it. Chances are that you care about decoration or else you wouldn’t be reading this. Decorative wall mirrors are about the art more than anything else. You can see a variety of different artistic styles on the website VA Art Glass.

If you’re just looking for large decorative mirrors to see your reflection and have plenty of space around you, then choose the rectangular mirrors. These shaped mirrors provide a lot more seeing space but with less artistic design. The only real creativity is done along the perimeter of the mirror. However, if you’re truly interested in an artistic and decorative mirror, then the circular mirrors are the best shape to choose.

When you look at your reflection in circular decorative mirrors, you’ll be lucky enough to see your full head in the mirror. These are not usually large enough to see your whole body, although you could always order a customized wall mirror that is larger than normal. Otherwise, your circular mirror will have just enough space for your face. The rest of the area around the mirror will be for the design. Sometimes the mirror space is so small because the design area is so big. Visit VA Art Glass to see examples of this.

Therefore, you should go with circular if you care about art or you should go with rectangular if you care about having more space to see your reflection. You’ll still get some level of artistic design with either one of these mirrors. Just make sure you have enough wall space if you go with a larger mirror. It is recommended to put the rectangular decorative mirror in the living room and the circular mirror in the bathroom and bedroom.

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