How Glass Can Help Your Interior Design

You might get intimidated when you hear the term “interior design.” For many people, interior design means having to repaint the walls, redo the flooring, and completely change the look and feel of their home. However, there is a much simpler way to enhance the visual quality of your interior without having to remodel the entire structure. Just add glass and mirrors to the walls throughout your home.

This doesn’t mean add any type of glass and mirrors to your walls. Starting with mirrors, you could hang a decorative wall mirror in your bedroom or bathroom. Decorative mirrors make looking into the mirror a whole lot more fun. These mirrors are typically circular in shape and have lots of cuts and funky designs on their perimeter. Meanwhile, you still have the middle area of the mirror which clearly casts a reflection like normal. These small or large decorative mirrors can really go in any room of the house that you want, and they will still look amazing.

As for the kitchen, you can put very special glass panels in them called splashbacks. The main benefit of kitchen glass splashbacks is that they protect your walls from splattering grease and other food particles which would otherwise stain your walls. Kitchen glass splashbacks are normally positioned right behind the stove where you cook your food. But if you have an attractive splashback, you might want to spread it to multiple walls on your kitchen too. 

For instance, a lot of homeowners really enjoy having black glass splashbacks for kitchens because they can have customized designs put on them. These designs could be images of your favorite foods that you normally serve in the kitchen, such as cookies, pizza, coffee, smoothies and so on. Commercial restaurants tend to do things like this all the time when they have open stoves where the public can see. 

If you are worried about dirtying up your glass, don’t forget that glass is very easy to clean. It is much easier to wipe away messes from glass than from fabric or drywall. Just think about how difficult it is to get stains out of a carpet or piece of drywall? And even if you try to scrub the stains out, you could end up damaging the material too. With glass, you can wipe away stains with just a few strokes of the towel and then you’re done. On top of all that, glass looks vibrant and shiny too. 

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