Hob Cover Induction Electric Cooker Chopping Board Glass Set 2 Glasses of Wine on the Black Background


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Some other popular uses for these stylish covers are:

 Use it as a chopping board

 Looks great as a serving tray or table placeholder

 Can be used as a tray under your pets feeding bowl

 Makes an attractive stand for your appliances such as kettle, toaster

 Or use it as a support for your laptop or tablet

 The kids can even use it as a base for their books

In fact you can use for pretty much anything you want!


This glass cooker/hob cover has many uses as well as providing a safe and pleasant cover for your hob or cooker. It is designed using our special laminating technique in which an image is placed under the tempered glass producing a stunning addition to any kitchen and home.

The edges of the glass are ground down and the corners are rounded to ensure it meets with our strict safety regulations.

The tempered glass used for the production of these boards is the most popular type of glass used in this industry. It has a perfectly smooth surface which minimises any optical distortion.

It is transparent glass and due to its nature there may be a slightly greenish (sometimes light blue) tint visible, which is more noticeable on lighter coloured images.

The overall effect is sometimes enhanced depending the type of lighting used in the surrounding area.

Size and Fittings:

Dimension: 2x30x52 cm

Glass thickness: 4mm (approx.)

These covers come with silicon pads which you may glue to the underside if required. This prevents any scratching if placed of a delicate surface as well as protecting the underside of the product itself.

The silicon pads are approx. 5mm in height and will also help keep the boards from sliding.

The glass board can be wiped clean and is perfectly okay to use with hot plates as it comes with thermally tempered glass, you can put a hot pot on it without worrying.

NOTE: The images shown are for illustration purposes only and do not represent the actual product – Due to the nature of using images under glass the final product may differ slightly from one to another.


All our glass consists of the following specification:

Tempered glass meeting current standards:
Thermally hardened glass is about four times stronger than annealed glass of the same thickness and configuration and must meet the requirements of EN 12150 Part 1 and 2. This prevents it from breaking into many small pieces considerably reducing the risk of injury. A typical procedure for the production of thermally tempered glass involves heating the glass to a temperature above 600 degrees Celsius and then rapidly cooling it down to lock the glass in a state of compression and the core in a state of tensile stress. Tempered glass is often referred to as ‘safety glass’ because it meets the requirements of UK and European Building Regulations and Standards defining the standards for safety glass.

Safety glass EN 12600
With our laminated glass in the event of a breakage the glass fragments will tend to stick to the intermediate layer (PVB film) preventing any shattering and as such reducing the risk of serious injury. Laminated glass is considered ‘safe’ because it meets the requirements of UK and European Building Regulations and Standards.

Images printed using Eco Solvent Ink
As well as providing quicker drying times and enhanced image quality Eco Solvent Inks have no harmful fumes and are environmentally friendly.

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