Splashback with a red and white wine splash ANY SIZE

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  • Glass Thickness 4mm
  • Tempered Glass
  • Sanded Edges
  • Eco Friendly Ink
  • Easy to Clean
  • Custom Sizes on Request


Splashback with a red and white wine splash

The acrylic splashback is prepared for gluing to the wall with mounting glue

All splash panels are made of tempered glass with sanded edges with a glass thickness of 4 mm

The splash wall panel can be placed in places exposed to heat and water. Our tested glass image printing gives 100% guarantee of heat resistance

The splashback wall panel can be fitted to any kitchen with an accuracy of a few millimetres. The pattern of the image may reflect differently depending on how the light catches it. The result is an amazing visual design

The glass panel is also much easier to clean and maintain than the dreaded tiles that collect dirt and bacteria. Glass remains invincibly elegant, durable, aesthetic and hygienic

The use of tempered glass has been known to increase safety by up to five times compared with standard glass

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width 100 x height 50/cm (39.37×19.69"), width 100 x height 55/cm (39.37×21.65"), width 100 x height 60/cm (39.37×23.62"), width 100 x height 65/cm (39.37×25.59"), width 100 x height 70/cm (39.37×27.56"), width 100 x height 75/cm (39.37×29.53"), width 100 x height 80/cm (39.37×31.50"), width 60 x height 65/cm (23.62×25.59"), width 60 x height 70/cm (23.62×27.56"), width 60 x height 75/cm (23.62×29.53"), width 60 x height 80/cm (23.62×31.50"), width 60 x height 85/cm (23.62×33.46"), width 70 x height 65/cm (27.56×25.59"), width 70 x height 70/cm (27.56×27.56"), width 70 x height 75/cm (27.56×29.53"), width 70 x height 80/cm (27.56×31.50"), width 90 x height 55/cm (35.43×21.65"), width 90 x height 60/cm (35.43×23.62"), width 90 x height 65/cm (35.43×25.59"), width 90 x height 70/cm (35.43×27.56"), width 90 x height 75/cm (35.43×29.53"), width 90 x height 80/cm (35.43×31.50"), width 90 x height 90/cm (35.43×35.43")


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All our glass consists of the following specification:

Tempered glass meeting current standards:
Thermally hardened glass is about four times stronger than annealed glass of the same thickness and configuration and must meet the requirements of EN 12150 Part 1 and 2. This prevents it from breaking into many small pieces considerably reducing the risk of injury. A typical procedure for the production of thermally tempered glass involves heating the glass to a temperature above 600 degrees Celsius and then rapidly cooling it down to lock the glass in a state of compression and the core in a state of tensile stress. Tempered glass is often referred to as ‘safety glass’ because it meets the requirements of UK and European Building Regulations and Standards defining the standards for safety glass.

Safety glass EN 12600
With our laminated glass in the event of a breakage the glass fragments will tend to stick to the intermediate layer (PVB film) preventing any shattering and as such reducing the risk of serious injury. Laminated glass is considered ‘safe’ because it meets the requirements of UK and European Building Regulations and Standards.

Images printed using Eco Solvent Ink
As well as providing quicker drying times and enhanced image quality Eco Solvent Inks have no harmful fumes and are environmentally friendly.

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